99 Industrial Parts Division Ltd. is a division of 99 Truck Parts and Industrial Equipment Ltd.

The company currently employs approximately 45 employees and several specialty contractors. The company was established in 1961 and is situated on more than two-acres of industrial zoned property in Surrey, B.C. -- at the centre of highway, bridge, rail and shipping access.

In 1992, the company extended its service offering from the on and off-highway truck parts industry to the terminal operator (ie port) market and larger supply chain companies. The company is comprised of two branches in two nearby locations: Branch 1 (99 Truck Parts) serves as a rebuild shop and  Branch 2 (99 Industrial Parts) stores parts and components.

99 Industrial Parts Division Specializes In Fleet Parts Management.  We Can Help to Procure Parts and Components For All Of Your Equipment.

99 Industrial Parts Division Ltd. provides new parts and components for all types of industrial equipment.  We supply parts and components to a large segment of off-highway equipment.  Yard Tractors, large and small forklifts and container moving forklifts, trailers,  and pickup trucks.  Our large warehouse and facility houses thousands of parts and components.  No matter how small or large the part, we can service any of your industrial fleet's needs.  Our number one priority is always to help keep our customer's fleets running.  We also supply consumable items such as lubrication, safety equipment, hardware, tools, paint, etc.  We are committed to a 'Just in Time Inventory Strategy', whereby the company assumes the obligation to store and supply a large selection of parts and components. 

99 Industrial Parts Division Ltd believes a customer’s required parts should be on-hand, not on order. The company’s location along South Fraser Perimeter Road also serves its strategy as it provides quick access to many port terminals.  We are well known for our ability to be adaptive to our customer’s needs, we also use our vast resourcefulness to find solutions to meet their requirements. 

99 Industrial Parts Division Ltd. as a company does not fit inside of a box, our devoted salespeople will stop at nothing to satisfy our customer’s needs.

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