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Roller Chain & Cable Carriers

Whether you need roller chain for a mill-type application, in the manufacturing sector, or for a drive wheel on a heavy crane, we can supply it.

99 Industrial Parts supplies heavy duty lifting chain for all types of forklift applications. We supply only the highest quality products manufactured in Japan.

Our complete line of Igus cable carriers and other accessories will protect the wiring networks in your machinery allowing long service life in your equipment.  Igus cable carriers withstand the toughest environmental conditions.  If you compare cable carrier systems to festoon systems, the cable carrier systems take up less space,  require up to half of the amount of cable used and are especially resistant to saltwater and extreme weather conditions.

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24-13345 115 Ave.
Surrey, BC V3R 0R8

99 Industrial Parts is located along the South Fraser Perimeter Road in Surrey which provides quick access to nearby port terminals.