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Joysticks & Custom Control Solutions

99 Industrial Parts is the exclusive distributor for J.R. Merritt Controls in Western Canada.

99 Industrial Parts understands that downtime is not an option, and having a joystick that performs consistently under all conditions is vital to productivity. With an emphasis on quality and reliability, all J.R. Merritt joysticks and controllers are handcrafted to stringent standards to ensure your operations and equipment are always moving.

Single or multi-axis joysticks with:

  • Non-contacting and contacting technologies
  • Spring return, maintained, or friction held
  • Drop-in or panel mounted base
  • And more

A variety of purpose-built handles featuring:

  • Push buttons
  • Rocker switches
  • Handle twists
  • Mechanical interlock

J.R. Merritt Controls manufactures and provides innovative custom human interface solutions, including precision engineered joysticks and complete operator chair systems.

We offer J.R. Merritt’s full range of control solutions, consisting of multi-axis joysticks, single-axis controllers, operator chair systems, rotary switches, and foot pedals.

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24-13345 115 Ave.
Surrey, BC V3R 0R8

99 Industrial Parts is located along the South Fraser Perimeter Road in Surrey which provides quick access to nearby port terminals.